Naja sputatrix diet

Implication for snake bite treatment and toxinology. The female snake usually lays between 10 and 30 eggs in rat holes or termite mounds and the eggs hatch 48 to 69 days later. This species is absent from true desert regions. Opportunistic predation on a snake injured by a motor vehicle was observed in Botswana.

Reptile Rap, No. They are commonly harvested for their skins. Naja atra. Asian spitting cobras generally mate during the dry season which is means in the months of August to October. It has been theorized by scientists that the species developed this adaptation as a primary defense mechanism to evade being trampled by antelopes.

Though this practice is now seen as outdated, symptoms of such abuse include loss of consciousness, euphoria, and sedation. When spitting cobras feel threatened they can expand their movable ribs by drawing in air from its lungs, a defense mechanism often used to frighten or warn predators.

Some specimens are pale gray or black with a reddish orange or yellow ventral side and a broad black neck. In primary monsoon season and rain forests, Naja atra inhabits clearings and riverbanks.

Chinese cobra

In Southeast Asia Cobras have been recorded as preying on other snake species, frogs, lizards, birds, and small mammals. Scientific classification. Envenomings and their treatments, pp.

There are — ventral scales, 54 — 66 sub-caudal scales and 21 — 23 mid body dorsal scales. Females often lay eggs at the end of the dry season in November or the very beginning of the wet season.

The coloration and pattern are highly variable and depend on geographical location. The naja katiensis is a fast-moving snake that preys on rodents, amphibians and other smaller snakes. The most westerly record comes from Duki, Balochistan in Pakistan, while the most easterly record is from the Tangail District in Bangladesh.

In southern Pakistan, juvenile specimens may be grey in colour and may or may not have a hood mark. There are 48—75 divided subcaudals and the anal shield is single.

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Distribution and habitat[ edit ] Play media Silent film showing an African chamaeleon and an Indian cobra by Raymond L. Some specimens, particularly those from Sri Lanka, may naja sputatrix diet to lengths of 2. Herpetologist Shine Boeadi, in a study published inmeasured and dissected 80 Javan specimens of this species and found that most prey items were mammals.

It showcases an evenly placed symmetry, large nostrils and a rounded snout. Adults on the other hand are typically uniformly black in colour on top melanisticwhile the underside, outside the throat region, is usually light.Specifically, Mucuna reduces mortality due bites from the following snakes: Gariba viper (Echis carinatus) 17, Viper Malaya 18 and spitting cobra (Naja sputatrix) 18 20 IMPROVES BOWEL MOVEMENT Mucuna contains prurienine which increases intestinal peristalsis and is a good remedy for constipation, so prevalent in Parkinson’s patients.

Javan spitting cobra (Naja sputatrix) The Javan spitting cobra, also referred to as the Indonesian spitting cobra, is a thick, stout snake that has a medium sized body. It grows to an average length of m ( ft) but can attain a maximum size of ft. It showcases an evenly placed symmetry, large nostrils and a.

Monocled Cobra (Naja kaouthia Lesson, ) Ventral - Belly color can also range from milky white or white mixed with yellow, gray, brown etc.

depends on the color of the dorsal body. Sometimes dark colored patches also present which look like ventral scales of a Rat Snake. The Snake venom database (SVDB) contains information on venomous snakes, their venom compositions and includes different toxins like Cardiotoxins,Neurotoxins,Myotoxin,Cytotoxin.

Resources and Tools used for venom allpications. Taxonomy of venomous snake families under taxonomy menu. Dec 27,  · I got five wild caught vsfmorocco.comrix (not a N. siamensis) from Indonesia 3 weeks ago but they refuse to eat.

I tried mice and frogs even alive and dead. I am unexperiented with this species and I couldn't get enough info on internet. Do you know about what is the their main diet on the wild?


Indian cobra

In Southeast Asia Cobras have been recorded as preying on other snake species, frogs, lizards, birds, and small mammals. The occasional appearance of fish in the diet been observed in India and Thailand. Naja sputatrix on the island of Java consumes mostly mammals.

Study Species: Monocled Cobra Naja kaouthia and Indochinese Spitting Cobra Naja.

Naja sputatrix diet
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